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 Summer Registration (June thru August) 


No Registration Fee


 Fall Registration (September thru May) 


A $20 per student registration fee ($35 family) is due upon registration.

Registration Fee are non-refundable.

AUTO PAY FAMILIES - Registration Fee will be paid through Auto Pay on August 1st.

CASH/CHECK FAMILIES - Registration Fee must be received within 14 days of registering to confirm class enrollment. 

    Payments can be mailed to: In Motion Dance Studio, PO Box 505, Plymouth, WI 53073.





Tuition is a program fee and is not based on the number of monthly classes a student attends.

Tuition does not represent a per class payment.


When you register a student, you are signing up for the full 9 month term from September through May and not individual classes. The number of classes may vary per month, but payment for the entire term is divided into equally payments for your convenience.



Tuition is for an 8 or 10 week session.



In Motion Dance Studio accepts cash, check, or credit card. Please make checks payable to: In Motion Dance Studio. 

NEW POLICY FOR 2021 - In effect as of January 15th, 2021.
A $5 administration fee will be charged to your account for any transaction that is DECLINED.
Please make sure your account is updated with proper payment information to prevent this.  

You are able to access all of your account information thru your PARENT PORTAL (a link is found on the home page of our website)



Monthly tuition is due and payable on the 1st of each month. If payment is received after the 15th of the month a $15 late fee will be added to your account.


If student withdraws from class, and does not complete the 9 month session, a cancelation fee of $30 will be assessed. 


AUTO PAY FAMILIES - Tuition will be processed on the 1st of the month.  

CASH/CHECK FAMILIES - Tuition is due on the 1st of each month.

 SUMMER (mid-June thru mid-Aug  –  8 or 10 week session) 


Tuition is due by June 1st.  


AUTO PAY FAMILIES - Tuition will be paid automatically on June 1st.

CASH/CHECK FAMILIES - Tuition is due on June 1st.


** Tuition and all other fees (costumes, competition fees, shoes, etc) are non-refundable and non-transferable.

​No refunds or credits are made for absences or withdrawal from class. Students may make up missed classes in any appropriate existing class during the same session only.

$30 Service fee on all returned checks.


 COSTUME (Fall Only) 


Costume Fee $85-$100  (per dancer per class). Tights are an additional $15.


All Costume Fees (including Installments made prior to December 1st) are non-refundable.

In an effort to ensure that costumes are delivered in time for photographs and an organized distribution to our dancers, costume orders are placed in December. 


All costumes must be paid in full by December1st.


AUTO PAY FAMILIES - Costume fees will be paid automatically on December 1st.

CASH/CHECK FAMILIES - Costume fees must be paid in full on December 1st.




The Staff at In Motion Dance Studio is extremely careful and dedicated to choosing the correct class level for each student.  All students are individuals with very different talents, skills, and ability levels and they will not all progress at the same rate.  To maintain a high quality of dance education, students are placed in classes based on their current skill level, not prior class placement.  Students may need extra help and a slightly slower pace to master new steps that may come easier to others.  Careful consideration is used when placing students in a class.  The most important thing is that the student "enjoys" the class and "feels comfortable" in it and is "happy".  A "happy" learning environment is sure to yield progress.  IMDS is a progressive school in which all of our classes are challenging.  The number of times a student studies per week, and his/her attendance will have an influence on how quickly he or she progresses.  We encourage all of our students to work hard to become the best dancers that they can be, but they must work at a level which is suitable for them.  May students are easily discouraged when they are placed in too difficult a class.  We want dance to be a happy and glorious experience for each student.  




Consistent attendance is imperative, as absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class, and the studio cannot jeopardize its responsibilities to the rest of the class for one student. Please make every effort to have your child to class on time.  Repetitive tardiness may result in your child not participating in the show regardless of your costume purchase.  The number of times a student practices per week, and his/her attendance will have an influence on how quickly he or she progresses.




Please call or email the studio if you are going to miss class or be late.  Parents need to have their student(s) arrive on time.  Extreme tardiness without a phone call can result in students not being able to participate.  Missed classes can be made up within the same session by attending a class of a similar level. Please ask your student's Faculty Instructor for a recommendation.




If the Plymouth School system cancels or dismisses early due to inclement weather, dance classes for that day will also be canceled. If threatening weather occurs after school hours, you will be notified in the following manner:

  • Studio phone (920-694-1855) will have a recorded message as to whether classes will be canceled by 3:00 pm.

  • An email will be sent to notify you. Please make sure we have a current email address on file.

  • In Motion Website and Facebook Page




If you choose to wait in the lobby during your child's class we ask that conversations and other children not be allowed to get too loud.  Also, if you do have other children with you we ask that they are supervised by a Parent/Guardian and  kept under control in the lobby area.  IMDS is not responsible or held liable for any child that is not registered as a student. 



Students will be respectful of themselves, their classmates and their Faculty Instructor, Assistance Teachers, and Mentors.  We expect students to be on time, dress properly and have a good attitude.  If problems arise the student may be asked to sit down or leave the class.  We will also speak with the parents if a problem arises.  No gum chewing, food, or inappropriate behavior in the studios or dressing rooms.



We encourage parents and guardians to be active in their child's dance education.  If a problem arises, discuss it with Amanda or the Faculty Instructor rather than with other parents.  We strive to have great communication between parents, instructors and students about everything that is happening at the studio.  Please feel free to call or email the studio to set up a time to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.



IMDS will host a parent observation week in November.  During this week families and friends are invited to observe inside the studio.  Videotaping class, taking photos, and bringing friends and family are acceptable at this time.  Outside of this week, parents are asked to wait in the lobby or watch through the viewing windows.  Our priority is the students' ability to focus.  Please refer to dance calendar on our website for Observation dates.

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