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Mommy & Me
Our “Mommy and me” class is the perfect experience to create memories that last a lifetime. Music, props and learning games create a fun and exciting atmosphere. Using pre-ballet, creative movement, and tumbling, your child will develop coordination, motor skills, and body awareness.  Your child will get a head start on movement, self-expression and most importantly, their relationship with you and others.
​Ages: 18 months to 3 Years

Tap & Tumble
Our “Tap & Tumble” class helps develop musicality and rhythm while expressing creativity through body movements. It also introduces the Students to fundamental tap techniques.
Ages: 3-9 Years

Tap Technique
Our “Tap Technique” class trains students to increase leg and core strength, musicality and rhythm. It focuses on learning complex patterns of foot movement, changes in tempo and different methods of weight transfer. The main goal is identifying, utilizing, and demonstrating tap terminology.
​Ages: 9 Years and Up

Beginner Ballet
Our “Beginner Ballet” class helps develop strength, balance, coordination and flexibility.   It combines learning basic positions with basic terminology, which are the building blocks of our curriculum.  Your child will learn proper body alignment, as well as barre, and center floor exercises.
Ages: 4-10 Years

Ballet Experience/Advanced
Our “Classical Ballet” class is for the student wishing to focus on Ballet. Beginning with training at the barre to practice proper body placement, strengthen muscles, and build technique that is brought to center floor.  This program constantly challenges students to refine their technique while learning more specific and technically advanced movements..
​Ages: 7 Years and Up

Ballet En Pointe
Our "Pointe" classes are designed for our most technically proficient dancers who wish to take their ballet dancing to the next level.  Our pointe classes are held separately from the student's ballet class.  Students will work on developing their technique and alignment en pointe while learning classical ballet variations and movements that are specific to pointe.
Pointe is added to Student’s curriculum at Faculty's discretion. Dancer must also attend a Classical Ballet Class.

Our jazz classes always begin with an aerobic, age-appropriate warm-up, including stretches and some conditioning elements, followed by progressions across the floor and finishing with a combination that incorporates skills practiced during warm-up and across the floor. A variety of styles will be taught from primitive to the classic Jazz styles through the contemporary steps of today.
Ages 5 Years and Up

Hip Lil Nuggets
Hip Hop for the little ones! Toddlers get a chance to dance to fun and up-beat music, while learning basic fundamentals of hip hop through a lot of "monkey see, monkey do" type dance activities. You might see your little one standing in a straight line and bobbing their heads to a certain beat, and you might see them doing the moonwalk from cone to cone in a relay race! If you want your toddler to learn the basics of hip-hop dance, be entertained, and have a ton of fun at the same time, this class is for you!
Ages 3-6 Years

Hip Hop
Ever see America's Best Dance Crew?...So You Think You Can Dance?...Step Up?...You Got Served?...Chris Brown?...Usher?...Brittany Spears?...Justin Bieber?...Michael Jackson?...Well, this class combines many of the dance moves and hip hop elements used in all of these mainstream shows and performances! This class will include choreographed routines as well as "Hip Hop Drill", where students work on perfecting certain moves/techniques by repetition. If you want to stay up to date with all the latest dance moves, this class is for you!
Ages: 7 Years and Up